Our Story

2 Black Women Walk Into A Bar...

One orders a whisky, neat. 

The other orders a bloody pirate.

As they sit there sipping their drinks and mulling over a long day,

one woman takes notice of a broadcast on the t.v. above the bar.

“Turn it up! Turn it up!” she waves at her bartender as he grabs the remote.

On the screen, a newscaster reports that the world is falling apart.

COVID-19 is causing homelessness and poverty to peak.

A second civil rights movement is ignited by the murder of George Floyd.

And Australia is literally on fire.

The bartender, still holding the remote, turns the broadcast volume down.

“Too depressing!” he explains as he angrily walks toward his newest patron.

The two women simultaneously cradle their glasses and sit in silence for what feels like an eternity.

One woman breaks the silence, 

“Well the world is on fire again…guess we’ll fix it ourselves.”

The other woman grabs a napkin from the bar and a pen from her purse.

The two women begin drafting a napkin plan to save the world.

This is a metaphor for how Eight11 Agency was born.

Founded in the height of a global pandemic, Eight11 is not your average branding agency.

Based out of Atlanta, GA, our team brings a combined 10+ years of experience building and elevating brands that stand for something more than just products and services. We’re passionate about helping brands that do good gain more visibility and funding, so together, we can shape a more sustainable and equitable world. We’re also purpose-led and diverse, proudly standing among less than 0.01% of black woman-owned creative agencies in the country.


Reimagine a world where every brand uses business for good.


Help 1 million social startups and nonprofits use their businesses to catalyze real-world change.


We approach our work with empathy, agility, creativity, and are centered around community and connectivity. These are the principles by which we run our business.

Meet The Founders

Jen Matthews


Kay Williams